Site History

1201 Patterson Avenue

Winston Salem, NC   

 Pre-Demolition Phase for New School Construction

     In the year 1906, B.F Huntley founded the B.F. Huntley Furniture Company in Winston Salem, NC. 1201 Patterson Avenue was a landmark during the B.F Huntley Furniture Company's operations for roughly 45 years as the business thrived throughout it's life in Winston Salem. In the year 1961, B.F. Huntley Furniture Company was acquired by Thomasville Chair Company. The Thomasville Chair Company's 1201 Patterson Ave. manufacturing operation was then re-named as Thomasville Furniture Industries, where the property continued manufacturing operations between the years 1961 and 2006. See links provided below for additional information regarding the history 1201 Patterson Avenue. 

Credit: B. F. Huntley Furniture Company, post-fire 1956 Photo via Forsyth County Historic Resources Commission

 Existing Conditions Prior to New School Construction

     Between the years 2006 and 2021, the 1201 Patterson Ave. property sat vacant prior to the sale to a prospective buyer. In the later months of year 2021, Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools (WSFCS) publicly announced the purchase of 1201 Patterson Ave. WSFCS then publically announced intentions to build a new elementary school on the property, and engaged Gilbane Building Company to assist in the pre-planning of the new school's construction and pre-planning. This included site planning with key project leads and project design leads for the future demolition phase of the existing structures,. Demolition was scheduled to be performed prior to the new school breaking ground as part of the second phase. 

     In late 2022, Gilbane Building Company was mobilized for Phase I of the Elementary School project on the 1201 Patterson Ave. site, to demolish the existing structures. Demolition activities commenced in late 2022 and were ongoing until mid-2023. 

Credit: Google Earth 


Credit: Stimmel PA 

Post-Demolition Existing Condition

             Gilbane Building Company demobilized mid-2023 following demolition of most of the existing structures, with exception to the building on the southeast of the property, which is expected to be fully demolished prior to Phase II of the project. The next phase of the project anticipates to start in the first quarter of 2024, which includes new construction activities to build the site and structure that is to be Brunson Elementary School. Expected completion of the new construction activities is scheduled for completion in Summer of 2025. 


Credit: Gilbane Building Co.